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Website Solutions

The staff at Net Smart Marketing have produced web solutions for a wide range of businesses, from small information websites and targeted mini sites, to complex eCommerce solutions and corporate websites.  We are a specialist website builder.

Working with you to develop a solution

When we work with you to develop a web solution, we consider all the following factors:

  • your goals for the site

        -client service
        -marketing and sales
        -community building or some other purpose


  • the technical requirements for the site (as determined by your operational requirements)


  • conversion (how will we turn website visitors into customers)


  • functional design (what capabilities will the site have, e.g. secure login, blog, image gallery etc)


  • graphic design (how will the site look and 'feel')


  • usability (typeface, page structure, link structure, readability)


  • search engine friendliness of the site technology


  • the relationship of the website to your overall marketing strategy.

Integrating all the elements

For business success on the internet, its is essential to integrate a range of elements.  It's not only a matter of elegant coding and good graphic design, though these are important.

If your project is not planned and developed in the right way, you will never get the kind of benefits that leading companies enjoy.  For companies who do it well, the internet has emerged as the most cost effective and powerful business marketing medium.

Net Smart Marketing provides:

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