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Web Analytics

Web analytics is the collection and analysis of data about what happens when visitors come to your website.

Net Smart Marketing are experts in gathering and analysing small business website statistics, and using the information they gather to improve website performance and ultimately, to enhance business growth.

When you have an internet maketing strategy that combines multiple elements such as:

  • optimised web pages
  • landing pages
  • search engine optimisation
  • keyword marketing and
  • email marketing

you need to know what is going on in order to make solid marketing decisions, based on hard evidence, not just 'gut feeling'. 

Web analytics gives you this information. It is the glue that holds together an internet marketing system.

Your analytics data allows us to:

  • track overall visitor metrics
  • know the strengths and weaknesses of the marketing system
  • know which keywords are generating revenue
  • profile visitor types to improve conversion architecture
  • split test different pages to incrementally improve the site content
  • use vistor actions to drive email marketing campaigns
  • slice and dice raw data to test different scenarios



Having data is one thing.  Being able to interpret it to extract meaningful management information is another.  At Net Smart Marketing, we use analytics data to demonstrate your return on investment and revenue growth.

Benefits of our Analytics software

Our Hypersite analytics software allow you to:

  • view the navigation of visitors from page to page on your website
  • see which keywords result in different actions on your website
  • segment users of your website by any measurable action
  • profile different types of users
  • calculate revenue by keyword
  • provide data for email marketing campaigns
  • monitor how search engines are visiting your site
  • see what has changed
  • import data from your pay-per-click campaigns


Do you need this information about your website?


You can have all this management information at your fingertips.  Contact us today to learn more.