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Online Business Systems

An online business system is a 'super' website.  We call this website platform 'Hypersite'. 

Our Hypersite will allow you to:

  • target your prospects and clients precisely
  • generate leads for your business
  • keep your website up-to-date without the need for technical knowledge
  • track your prospects' and clients' activity on your website
  • measure the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts

Hypersite includes built-in capabilities that otherwise have to be sourced separately when creating an integrated eMarketing system.


What is an Integrated eMarketing System?


An integrated emarketing system includes all the internet marketing tools that are needed for online business success.  Here are the contents of the tool kit:


  • a content management system for the website, so that a non-technical person can easily make changes to the content of the website
  • an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system so that you can keep track of your prospects and customers as they engage with your website
  • a powerful email marketing system that helps you build your database of customers and contacts and lets you segment groups of customers with similar attributes to send accurately targeted communications
  • useful tools such as blog, form builder, forum, photo galleries and booking engine
  • integrated statistics gathering to allow detailed analysis of visitor behaviour when on your website
  • advanced eCommerce capability with catalogue and shopping cart as well as integrated payment systems
  •  an effective traffic generation strategy, usually a combination of paid search marketing, search engine optimisation and email marketing techniques

Is an Integrated eMarketing System right for me?

If you use a website to market and support your business, it makes good sense to build it using an integrated emarketing system such as Hypersite.  Instead of having a standard website and having to use separate tools for email marketing, website statistics, blogs, CRM etc, it is easier to manage and much more powerful to have these integrated into one dynamic platform.

Then you can easily:

  • control your website content
  • track enquiries
  • segment your customer/contact base and email them -directly from your CRM
  • measure site visitor activity from within your site
  • take online payments securely from customers in your database

Once you experience an Integrated eMarketing System, you will never want to go back to a static website with 'add ons'.

The Hypersite Integrated eMarketing System

The Hypersite Integrated eMarketing System is a fully featured website platform with a rich array of 'out of the box' features.  Hypersite can be scaled up or scaled down depending on your business needs. 

Hypersite is suitable for:

  • small to medium business with a lead generation or community building focus
  • businesses with a small or large catalogue of products
  • real estate, motor dealers and recruitment companies
  • directories
  • companies that wish to sell online
  • larger organisations with multiple websites and multiple market channels 

To find out if an Online Business System is right for your business needs, call us on 1800 726 090 or send us an email via the Contact Us page.