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Conversion Architecture

The internet is a self-service buying system.  It's a 'pull' marketing system, rather than a 'push' sales system. 

Searchers who come to your website know what they want, and they don't like being 'sold to'.  If they can easily find what they are looking for, and are confident that you will 'fulfil the contract', they will buy.

When you set up a website, it's important to design the pathways your visitor will take on their journey through the site.  Conversion architecture is the site design, from the viewpoint of getting visitors to achieve the goals you have for the site.

 So when designing your site, we ask ourselves:

  • How do customers buy?
  • What steps do they go through as they make a buying decision, or before they submit an enquiry?
  • What information do they need in order to make a buying decision?
  • Who are you customers? (demographic personas)
  • Is the purchasing process different for different personas?

Our project design process finds answers to these questions.  We then create for you a marketing system that converts visitors into customers -a remote buying system.

If you have moved past 'having a website' to 'needing a site that sells', call us today on 1300 431 415.